CNADM Names 2017 Outstanding Member of the Year

Each year, CNADM recognizes one member who has gone above and beyond in advocating for our association…running a successful studio…and promoting the dance arts to make a positive impact on the community. Mary Carmen Bucheli, owner and artistic director of the Jazz Studio in Monclova, Mexico, is that member.

This summer’s Outstanding Member is a bit unique in that she hasn’t been a member for all THAT long. She came to her first workshop in the Summer of 2007 and joined that same year. She has attended every summer since then and in 2009, started bringing students with her.

It is important to her that her students become skilled and capable to perform different styles and techniques; that they are well versed so that they can participate in competitions, as well as perform in dance companies.

Our honoree places a high value on education and is constantly striving to improve. She earned her CDE in 2001 as soon as she had earned enough credits to test. She has also earned a Masters from the Dance Masters of America. She is the only dance educator in Mexico to earn both these certifications.

Once she recognized the value of her CNADM education, she quickly started bringing students with her to the workshops – all the way from Mexico. She has brought students to every workshop for the past seven years.

In her own words, she stated: “Dancing gives you the energy necessary to resist pain and disappointments. It forges discipline, it gives you a sense of belonging, develops your spirit, makes you strong, an athlete … and because dancing is a tough and difficult profession, it makes you smile about almost everything!”

Congratulations to Mary Carmen Bucheli, our well-deserved Outstanding Member of 2017!

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