NEW! CNADM’s Introductory Modern Dance Teaching Manual
by Jon Lehrer and Matthew Farmer

Featuring expert advice on teaching:
• Floor work for every level of expertise
• References and terminology
• History of Modern Dance
• And, a bonus DVD containing floor work contractions and slow-motion demos of across-the-floor combinations.

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CNADM's Jazz Dance Teaching Manual
By Tom Ralabate

Featuring expert advice on teaching:
• Jumps, kicks and leaps
• Improvisation
• Body isolations
• Jazz choreography
• Music style
• And much more!

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CNADM's Classical BalletTeaching Manual
By Terrell Paulk

Featuring expert advice on teaching:
• Barre exercises
• Pointe work
• Center floor exercises
• Ballet terminology
• Steps in the center
And much more! For ages 6 through 15+

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Tapworks—A Tap Dictionary/Reference Manual
By Beverly Fletcher

Featuring expert advice on teaching:
• History of tap
• Types of tap
• Theater and tap talk
• The levels
• Room directions
Plus more!

Price: $35.00

The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance
by Rhee Gold

Featuring 200 pages of expert advice on teaching and a bonus CD containing marketing and communication forms and templates!
• Define the teacher's role
• Build a strong team
• Investigate goal setting
• Demystify marketing
• Identify the personality of your classroom
• Become an expert in parent relations

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