CNADM Summer Dance Workshops - July 15-22, 2019

DoubleTree, Chicago-Oak Brook, Illinois

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Teacher Sessions

Training School - July 15-18, 2019

Daily Schedule

Training School classes focus on teaching tap, jazz and ballet to children. Emphasis is placed on teaching technique, educational theory and personal dance development. You must be 16 years or older to attend Training School.

Convention - July 19-22, 2019

Daily Schedule

Convention is a continuing education workshop designed to serve the needs of the college-age dancer as well as the professional dance educator. Emphasis is placed on personal growth in technique and on providing original choreographed materials for our teachers. You must be 16 years or older to participate in Convention classes.

Dress Code in Training School and Convention

Dress code in the teachers’ rooms should be appropriate for the discipline being taught.

Leotard, tights, yoga pants, leggings or jazz pants and fitted shirts are all acceptable items for class. Dance shorts and tight-fitting jazz pants/leggings are permitted over leotard and tights. No exposed abdomens or bare legs (shorts without tights) are permitted.

While on the dance floor participating in class, hair needs to be secured to head off the face and neck, no pony tails.

Male dancers should wear jazz pants and fitted tee-shirts.

No gum is permitted in any classroom.

We request adherence to this dress code in order to provide a good example to our student attendees.

Sessions for Students

Dance & More - July 15-18, 2019

Daily Schedule

Dance & More is designed specifically for our maturing dance students, ages 16-25, who are considering the pursuit of a professional dance career — whether as a dance educator or professional dancer. Classes will focus on the student's personal dance technique, and may also include classes such as audition preparation, selecting the right college, and injury prevention.

Dance & More participants will also learn a specially-choreographed routine that they will perform at the Annual Awards Banquet on Thursday evening.

One Merit Scholarship will be awarded to a Dance & More student which will cover registration fees for Dance & More in the following year.

Dance & More Performance DVD

DVDs of the performance are available for purchase by members, member's students and parents of member's students in attendance at Dance & More. Click here for the order form.

National Ballet Forum - July 15-19, 2019

Daily Schedule

National Ballet Forum is a five day event which provides students ages 11-21 the rare chance to study with a professional classical ballet faculty and to participate in the creation of a new ballet by a distinguished choreographer in a Company atmosphere. Students will perform the new ballet at Ballet Gala on Friday evening, for the entertainment of all workshop attendees and family members (there is no cost to attend).

Teachers and artistic directors may also attend to obtain a new work created by a recognized choreographer which can be added to their repertoire. However, teachers are not allowed to dance during class.

To assure individual attention, participants are divided into four Forums based on age and advancement. Class size is restricted to a maximum of 40 students. Two placement classes are held on Monday for all participants to allow the Choreographers the opportunity to observe the students prior to the choreography classes.

Five competitive scholarships are awarded to participants in the National Ballet Forum which will cover registration fees in the following year’s event.

Students need to review the Orientation Information to learn about dress and makeup required for the Forum.

Ballet Gala

The Ballet Gala is the culmination of National Ballet Forum and is presented on the last night of the Forum. The Gala allows Ballet Forum students to participate in a newly commissioned ballet in a performance setting, for the entertainment of all workshop attendees and family members who may attend at no cost.

Ballet Gala DVD

DVDs of the Ballet Gala are available for purchase by members, member's students and parents of member's students in attendance at Ballet Forum. Click here for the order form.

Student Sessions - July 20-22, 2019

Daily Schedule

Student Sessions are three days designed to inspire and enhance the development of dance students. Emphasis is placed on technique and performance through classes conducted by our outstanding faculty of master teachers and performers.

To assure individual attention, Student Session participants are divided into six classes based on age and advancement. To participate, students must be at least 7 years old by September 1st.

Yellow Group • Ages 16-21
Green Group • Ages 14-16
White Group • Ages 13-14
Blue Group • Ages 12-13
Red Group • Ages 11-12
Purple Group • Ages 9-10
Orange Group • Ages 7-8

Student Session classrooms will be limited in the number of participants per classroom. All students attending the Student Sessions are invited to participate in the Student Competition.

Scholarships are awarded to selected students of CNADM members based on applications received. In addition, Merit Scholarships are awarded to one student in each class to cover registration fees at the Fall Workshop in the same year as the awarded scholarship.

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