Fall 2015 Student Honors

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We're offering Student Honors testing at CNADM Fall Workshops!

Teachers -  Use the CNADM Student Honors Program to establish benchmarks for teaching your students, as well as providing an in-studio program to honor your students' growth in dance.

When students demonstrate their knowledge in a specific subject through written, oral and demonstrative testing, they will receive a pin and become eligible to test at the next level. To qualify for this program a student must:

 - Study with a CNADM member in good standing.

 - Be in attendance for the entire student session at the Fall Workshops.

 - Register to test in the color level for which he/she is registered, or lower level. (Note: Purple and Orange Groups do not test.)  Those testing in the White Level will test in the Orange classroom, since there is no White Group in the Fall Workshop.

- Complete registration application and mail with non-refundable $20 fee per color level. (Good for 1-3 subjects in one color level).


Written Testing will take place on Friday evening, Nov. 6 at 7:30 pm. Demonstrative Testing will take place in the Student classroom on Sat, Nov 7 at 8:00 am before classes begin.  Those testing at the Student Honors White Level (ages 13-14) will test in the Orange classroom.

The Student Honors Awards Presentation will be made during the Student Competition on Saturday evening. For detailed information, please download the Program Registration Form.

Open only to students of CNADM members in attendance at the Fall Workshops.

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