Graduate & Master Certification

Being a dance educator goes beyond teaching a time step or running a class through barre exercises. Technique is the foundation of all you teach, but your business is built upon so much more.

An important mission of CNADM is the encouragement of our current members to continue their own education through the CNADM Certification Program, where participants earn credit hours for attending CNADM workshop programs.

By achieving Certified Dance Educator (CDE) and then Master Dance Educator (MDE) status, you are showing students and their parents, your peers, and—perhaps more importantly—yourself, that your knowledge and competence as a dance educator has been measured and qualified.

An individual may begin working toward certification prior to becoming a member, but only CNADM members can become certified.

Application for Certification - Certified Dance Educator
Application for Certification - Master Dance Educator

Contact us directly with questions you may have at 815-397-6052 or email us at dance@cnadm.com.