Code of Ethics

Our Mission The Chicago National Association of Dance Masters is dedicated to promoting professional, quality dance education by providing opportunities for continued education in the techniques and methods of dance, updated curriculum and certification for the instruction of dance. The Association serves as a conduit for information affecting dance educators and their profession.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics printed below was adopted when CNADM was a very young organization. The aim of the members at the time was to establish and maintain the highest standards of dance education and business integrity. These same standards are an integral part of CNADM today!

Remember - A child’s body is a precious thing. A dance teacher is responsible for the physical development of this student; therefore, YOU must be proficient in the art forms that you teach.

It is therefore desirable to:

  • Practice truth and integrity in all words and deeds.
  • Strive to improve the techniques for teaching all types of dance, as modified or revised in accordance with the progress of dance education.
  • Give to our students the utmost measure of our knowledge in teaching the art of the dance.
  • Be bound by the necessity of constant study, knowing that dance is a living art form.

We shall consider the following as unethical:

  • Falsely advertising materials or subjects taught in your school that you or your staff are not qualified to teach.
  • Flagrant solicitation of students or personnel from other studios in your city.
  • Willfully discrediting or injuring the character of other schools or teachers.
  • Opening a new school while on staff at another studio, unless mutually agreed upon.
  • Leaving a teaching commitment in a school unless proper notice is given and agreement reached by both parties, if there is a written contract.
  • Falsely advertising study with renowned teachers, having done professional work or attained special honors, unless authenticity can be proven.
  • Using the name of Chicago National Association of Dance Masters in your advertising, if not a member in good standing.
  • Charging fees which degrade the dignity of the teaching profession or using free lessons or substandard fees to attract students.
  • Presenting other teachers’ choreography as your own in programs and recital, without giving credit.
  • Using other teachers’ students in programs and recitals without giving credit to the student’s teacher.

Our thanks to the Dance Masters of America and the Dance Masters of Wisconsin for some of the thoughts presented on this page.