CNADM Membership

The advantages of membership in CNADM are many, including continuing educational opportunities, support and networking with peers, and opportunities to exchange ideas and information.

Benefits of CNADM Membership

  • Reduced rates for all workshops and association dance manuals.
  • Certification from our highly respected dance association.
  • Scholarship opportunities for your most talented students.
  • Discounted fees for licensing from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.
  • A free flashdrive of your workshop choreography and music for those in attendance.
  • Participation in the Student Honors Program.
  • Regular newsletters containing the latest news of interest to dance educators.
  • Entrance to special Members Only events

Requirements to Join CNADM

To be considered as a member, you:

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must have been engaged as a dance teacher or assistant, or equivalent qualifications, for at least two years.
  • Must pass the required membership examination, given at two different times during the Summer Workshops.
  • Must adhere agree to adhere to the Standards and Code of Ethics of CNADM.

Examinations are held two times during the Summer Workshops. Each candidate must complete a basic oral and written examination in two or more disciplines: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern. Applicant must complete 80% of the exam to pass and must be in full attendance at either Training School or Convention during the Summer Workshops.

Membership Fees:
$35 Application Fee
$100 First Year Dues paid at successful completion of examination
$140 Annual Dues in subsequent years, billed on January 1st of each year. All members who attend a workshop in the previous year will receive a $30 educational rebate on their subsequent year's dues.

For membership application click here.

CNADM has a reciprocal membership agreement with the Dance Masters of Wisconsin and Southern Association of Dance Masters. If you are a member in good standing with one of these organizations, you may join CNADM by completing the Reciprocal Membership Application and paying the first year’s dues.

Examination Study Guide
Membership Application
Reciprocal Membership Application
Standards and Code Of Ethics of CNADM