Rod Howell

Rod Howell has become a global tap dance phenomenon through his online presence on Youtube and his website  His reach also extends to television with his performance on Soapnet and his tap sounds featured in the Miss America Pageant.  His choreography is learned and performed throughout the world earning top awards at competitive events.  His extensive technical knowledge combined with his intense passion for tap make him a true one of a kind in the tap world. Rod Howell has over 25 years of experience teaching and choreographing throughout the country.  He performed on the TV show Soap Net to his own musical composition and his taps were recorded for the nationally televised Miss America Pageant.  He's taught for numerous conventions including Encore, L.A. Underground, L.A. Elite, and 3D Dance Network, and he's performed at Lincoln Center in New York, and the House of Blues in L.A.  He's a leader in the online tap community, especially for his tap dance video dictionary and syllabus which is the largest in the world.