Student Honors

Fall Student Honors Testing Goes Virtual

Student Honors testing will be available on Saturday, Nov. 7, for the students of CNADM members.  Both oral and demonstrative testing will be conducted individually, by appointment, on Zoom or Facetime.

Testing will be scheduled between 2-6 pm CST on Nov. 7, but since this will be done virtually, the committee may be able to accommodate other times if needed. Once you complete the registration form, a member of the committee will contact you to set up a testing time.

Additional Information for Fall Student Honors:

  • Studio registration is required
  • Color Levels are based on student’s age only
  • Fees are $25 + $5 S&H to send Student Honor pins to your studio

Download the Student Honors Registration Form to register.

The Student Honors Program provides a method that members of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters can utilize to recognize the accomplishments of their students. The Program is open only to students of CNADM members. It establishes a set criteria of knowledge and ability for five different color levels in the three subjects of ballet, tap and jazz.

When students demonstrate their knowledge in a specific subject through written, oral and demonstrative testing, they will receive a pin and become eligible to test at the next level. Teachers can use this Program to establish benchmarks for teaching students, as well as provide an in-studio program to honor their students’ growth in dance.

Student Honors testing is conducted during both the summer and fall dance workshops for Student Session and Ballet Forum students.

Congratulations to each student listed below and to their CNADM Member teachers who encourage participation in this important program!

Extra round of applause to our Student Honors Emeritus recipients for successful completion of all three disciplines at all five levels:

Awarded at the 2019 Fall Workshops

  • Chariel Melendez, RLAPD Performing Arts

Awarded at the 2019 Summer Workshops

  • Janae Adams, Academy of Dance Arts
  • Brooke Goshinsky, RLAPD Performing Arts Center
  • Rebekah Jaeger, Carousel School of Dance
  • Emma Kachelski, Academy of Dance Arts
  • Megan Katzel,RLAPD Performing Arts Center
  • Monica Slade, Academy of Dance Arts
  • Rebekah Wiech, Amy’s School of Dance