Student Honors Program 

CNADM members can utilize the Student Honors Program to recognize the accomplishments of their students.

The program has established set criteria of knowledge and ability for five different levels in ballet, tap, and jazz. When students demonstrate their knowledge in a specific subject through written, oral, and demonstrative testing, they will receive an award pin and become eligible to test at the next level.

Once they have completed all disciplines at each level, they are awarded a Student Honors Emeritus plaque.

Teachers can use this program to establish benchmarks for instructing students and provide an in-studio program to honor their students’ growth. Students and their teachers are honored at the Annual Student Honors Awards Presentation.

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Online Student Honors Registration

Millie Landers, MDE, from Columbia Dance Academy shares ways to implement CNADM’s Student Honors program as a source of revenue for your studio. Explore how the Student Honor’s program can feed into an Advanced Studies program to produce additional revenue and train your advanced students to become class assistants.